Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Adopted Child

Moses. Mosi-Mo. Moses-for-the-mostest. Little Red. Secreteriat. Mosi-Cozy. Momo. Mummy's little puppy-pup. (Should I go on? ;)  Anyways, he turns three years old today so I felt that he deserved his very own blog post. We love our doggy, just as we have each and every day since we drove to Bakersfield, CA to pick him up when he was only eight weeks old. (He was soo tiny then, that on the long drive home, he curled up in one of my hands, snuggling his cold little nose just under my shirt cuff.

I, who had always disliked dogs, slowly came around to the idea after years of prodding from my puppy-loving husband. I started noticing dogs everywhere, did my breed research and read books on puppy training before finally settling on the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. (Sean gave me free reign, only asking that I chose a dog "large enough for a heterosexual guy to walk"...) I found Moses via an ad on a puppy site; there was a picture of him next to his almost identical brother, plus some information indicating that they were bred by a reputable breeder. When we got there we saw that he was the smallest (don't care for the word "runt") in a litter of five. We met his playful daddy "Diego" and his beautiful mummy "Rosie" who by the way did the sweetest thing:  Sean was kneeling on the floor next to the crate where Moses and one of his brothers were kept, and Rosie walked up and laid her pretty little head in his lap, looking him in the eyes as he pet her. It was like a vote of confidence; "I trust you, now take good care of my baby". His brothers and sisters were all gorgeous, but I knew the second I set eyes on him that Moses was my dog. My first dog... I remember exactly what I wore, I remember the wonderful sunset over the fields as we were driving back and the classical music we played softly in the car (to soothe his little puppy nerves)... It was a very special day. ♥

Sean with Moses almost three years ago outside the breeder's house,
 just before we took him home.

Earlier today on his favourite spot;
the office rug from which he can survey the kitchen,
 dining area and parts of the living room.

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Tricia Rose said...

Happy birthday Moses! Your happiness makes other people happy.

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