Friday, January 06, 2012

Ta Da! (and 10 months)

21 lb, 1 oz (50%) 29.5 in (75%) = Long and lean like his daddy. Oh and last week, he said his first word! (Other than "mamma" which he says all day long :) It was a glorious moment when he stood up in his crib, pointed at his favourite book on a nearby side table and clearly said "book". I of course was beyond excited and have tried and tried for him to repeat himself so that someone other than mother may hear this little genius speak [about literature]. But to no avail! Well, all in good time I guess... He is Mr.Mimic these days and will bark whenever he sees a dog or hears Moses come and go. He also laughs when we laugh which is hilarious and he nods and shakes his head and drinks from his sippy cup unaided. Yes, time is going way too fast and I want to keep Noah just as he is right now much, much longer; In less than two weeks he will be 11 months and then One Year Old in February...
Though he may become a "toddler" very soon, he'll be my baby forever (I tell myself to feel better).

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned? Tomorrow Sean and I are driving down the coast to Palos Verdes where we will stay at this resort (sans baby!) for one night. We. can't. wait. The idea of not having to get up until we actually wake up sounds nothing short of heavenly. Thanks again for the best Christmas gift ever Mark and Peggy! Since I will be comfortable in the knowledge that Noah is in safe hands at home with mormor, I actually look forward to missing him a little... Or a lot. :)


Look who's standing!

...About five seconds later

Gets a job well done-hug from his proud Mormor


McDougall said...

I LOVE hearing about first words. 'book' is a wonderful first word. What a smart little man!

Tricia Rose said...

Phrases like 'a ray of sunshine' and 'the apple of my eye' make perfect sense now don't they!

Kerri said...

hey, maybe he'll grow up to be a famous author! and what a great little story that will be that his first word, other than mama!, was BOOK!

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