Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Weekends Ago...

 There I was, all relaxed and blissful on our One Night Mini Holiday. It was divine, it really was. As always, we arrived a little later than planned so we missed the sunset over the Pacific which I'm sure would have been spectacular (though upon checking in, the staff greeted us with champagne by the lobby fireplace, helping me to quickly get over that small mishap.) We then proceeded to our room where I took a quick bath to freshen up and wind down (love a nice soak before an evening out, it feels so old world romantic!) We deliberately overdressed (as we rarely get to do that nowadays) for a candlelit three course dinner which took forever and was deliriously delicious. Oh and best of all; afterwards we snuck in to the closed-for-the-night pool area to sit in the hot tub which had a cosy firepit next to it. We were all alone under the stars, no sound save for the warm, bubbly water and the waves of the ocean crashing against the cliffs far, far beneath us...
Next morning I woke bright and early at 7am.  So excited was I about the fact that I didn't have to get up, that sadly, I couldn't sleep (!) It was pretty great just staying in bed though, knowing that no one was waiting for me to feed, diaper or play with him :) To maximize this feeling of not having to do anything we ordered room service and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast by the ocean view window...

Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, fresh orange juice,
 coffee and bagels and lox. (In case you were wondering.)

After breakfast we went for a hike on the clifftop trail
 that runs along the resort.

Even though we left the gorgeous um, milieu of "Terranea oceanfront resort" somewhat reluctantly, it certainly helped to know that these two were waiting for us at home...

Noah and Mormor did great on their own, no trouble to report,
 only fun and a good night's sleep apparently.
We brought back fresh tulips
 and some (free:) hotel beauty products as a thank you.

Ahh two weekends ago... Can I have a repeat please?

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Liz said...

Sounds divine. Glad you got to enjoy yourself!

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