Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's Saturday Ladies,
let's treat ourselves to some eye candy.

 Sort of hard to decide who's more photogenic, isn't it?!
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Seeing this recent picture of David Beckham holding his sassy little baby girl felt oddly familiar... At first I couldn't figure out why, but then...

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Remember him? If you were a teenage girl in the early 90s, chances are you do... My best friend Tanja was the subject of much envy simply on account of having the poster on her bedroom wall. I believe I was actually a little in love with that shadowy, sepia-toned Adonis at one point; the "modern" projection of masculine sensitivity clearly striking a chord (!) ... But, like most teenage crushes inevitably do, so this ended in tears when my illusions were shattered (years later) by a TV documentary. Turns out the model was just some broke construction worker from England who - in spite of the international success of "L'Enfant" (the image reportedly sold over 5 million copies) - only ever received a minimal shoot fee. Quite tragic really; the film even included a current interview with the man who at that point looked nothing (and I mean nothing) like the dude in the poster. Oh and that sweet baby? SO not the model's child! ...Though it certainly could have been, for as the documentary's title"L'Enfant, The Model, The Poster and 3,000 Women" suggests - he did have a lot of luck with the ladies...

PS. The Simpsons version :)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty Blogger

I know it's been quite a while since we talked anything other than baby here on C'est LA vie, but today I'm in the mood to shift gears, (at least momentarily;) so how about a little beauty chat? ...It's late February which means time to emerge from that cosy, low-maintenance winter cocoon and get get ready to bare it all (?) for spring. Unfortunately, this is not the time of year when one typically feels one's prettiest, is it? Looking at - for example - myself right now, here's (sadly) what I see: Skin - winter pale and dehydrated. Hair - dull and static. Nails - brittle. Oh I could go on and on, but I think I'll spare you... Anyways, perhaps it sounds familiar? Well, fortunately for us there's help:

Johanna Enhus
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My friend Johanna - the woman behind Swedish skincare brand Enhus Organic, now also writes a blog that is linked to her company website. In some posts she discusses how to get optimum results from your skincare products, in others she shares useful tricks of the trade and professional beauty secrets, including some great, penny saving DIY tips for administering your own treatments at home. Rough hands? Try giving them a softening rub with used coffee grounds Johanna suggests, rinse and pat dry, then follow by "marinating" hands for 15 min in olive oil (put 1 tbsp of oil in two separate plastic bags, insert hands and secure with a rubber band. Rinse hands with tepid water, pat dry and finish with a moisturizer of your choice, paying extra attention to the cuticles.)
Hair in need of some tlc? Make your own intensive treatment by applying coconut oil to (dry) hair 30 min before shampooing (cover oil soaked hair with a plastic bag or cling film to seal in heat, then wrap a towel on top), not only does it smell yummy Johanna says, this nutritious oil will stimulate your hair follicles, leaving locks super shiny and soft. Note: You may have to lather up more than once to remove all residue. For a more detailed account of these and other wonderful beauty tips, check out *

* The Enhus Organic website is available in English and Swedish, but Johannas blog is written in Swedish. You can easily convert it to English by using Google Translator - though not pitch perfect, it's certainly sufficient enough.

PS. Read my extended [beauty] interview with Johanna here.

When you're happy and you know it...

Laugh out loud.

What's so funny? Having just come out of the shower I (naturally) wrapped my hair in a towel. Apparently, me jiggling my head while wearing this "towel turban" was like the most hilarious sight ever. :)

The weekend is near, friends. Happy Thursday! xo

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Disclamer: Do you have an hour or so to spare?...You'll need it to get through this post. Honestly.

Well, it's been a long (but in a good way) week of celebrations around here, starting last Sunday with a small birthday lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's. Our good friends Marcus and Courtney were visiting from Seattle and had no choice but to join in :) As always, Mark and Peggy whipped up some amazing tasting food and the weather was perfect, allowing us to enjoy our wine alfresco on the terrace. Noah (who stuck with water), liked all the attention and his presents too (though the paper and ribbon still proved the most fascinating :).

Since his favourite food in the whole world is banana, I decided to make Noah a healthy-alternative  banana-blueberry birthday cake and was happy to find a good looking recipe online that was sort of sugar free, with apple juice concentrate as only added sweetener. Scrumptiously delicious? I wouldn't go that far, but the little guest of honour loved it which was the most important thing and we thought it made a pretty tasty treat the next day, warmed and with a nice cup of tea.


On Valentine's Day - his actual b-day, he woke up to find a big, huggable lamb critter chair in his room, courtesy of Mormor in Sweden...

Soo cuddly and soft, I kind of wish it came in a bigger size...

There was also a brand new "vintage" race car, because you know, every baby totally needs one.

When making birthday plans, we - of course - tried to think about what Noah would like to do the most. Being one year young, his preferred activities are somewhat restrictive and mostly involve chasing Moses around the apartment, pulling stuff out of cupboards and bookshelves, banging things together to make a loud noise, putting small choking-hazardous objects in his mouth... you get my drift. But then we thought: he loves the outdoors and he LOVES animals! The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens beckoned... 

To say that it was a hit with him would be an understatement. Sean and I are already plotting our next trip, for which we aim to leave much earlier in the day so that we don't get there 45 min before the zoo keepers put all the animals to bed (!) 

So yeah, it was a short, sweet and quite intense visit :) but after gorging on many a cup of Cheerios (his second fave food that, thankfully, they sold at the zoo cafe), shrieking at the flamingos, waving to the gorillas, barking at the Bolivian wolf and gaping in awe of the huge American black bear, Noah contentedly passed out in his stroller and missed nothing but a small alligator on the way out...

You really thought that was it, didn't you? 

Nope, there's more. (Yay?)


Whenever one reaches a milestone in life, like say graduating from college... or getting engaged... or being legally allowed to drink and/or vote... or turning one year old... there's nothing quite like celebrating with one's contemporaries. Luckily for Noah, he happens to be a part of this little gang of babies who were all born within a week of one another; Naturally they wanted to get together for a picnic.
Mommies were cordially invited and fun was had by all, there was chicken salad and organic chips and sparkling cider and fresh berries and vanilla cupcakes and even gift swapping. The location was Coldwater Canyon Park, Beverly Hills, where the sun always shines and the paparazzi usually lurk on account of the many celebrities that live nearby. Thursday was no exception, so don't be too surprised if you spot one or two of these little faces in the tabloids next week...

Ok, The End, I promise. :) 

This time next year; Terrible Twos...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy {Valentine's} Day!

Love was all around today; even amongst the flamingos at the Los Angeles Zoo, where I spent a chilly but fun afternoon with my boys.

And I can scarcely believe it, but my beloved brother turned 40 today! The picture above was taken on our wedding day - when Jens acted Best Man, driver and toast master. :) I think it captures him perfectly; Ever the attentive big brother/gentleman, you can still sense from the cheeky smile that mischief is a-brewing, even under that fancy top hat  ...

Let's see, what else... Oh, that's right:

He is ONE!! :) But more details on that later this week; it's close to midnight now and I have to run before the hour is up and I officially turn into a pumpkin... (!) 


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More Cuteness

Oh my goodness - have you ever seen a baby sloth before?  I just joke- (sort of) asked Sean what he was planning on getting me for Valentine's day and this picture is what he pulled up on his computer! (Apparently he'd read about some actress getting one for her birthday). Anyway, I think I might actually hold him to it...

Image Credit

...Of course I still have this one from last year...

And no other Valentine's day gift is ever going to top that. Like, ever. :)

Hope you've had a good week so far?  I am looking forward to this weekend when I am going birthday shopping for my soon to be one year-old :) and when I hope that we as a family will finally (and collectively) have beat the most stubborn cold in recent memory... xo

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