Thursday, February 23, 2012

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I know it's been quite a while since we talked anything other than baby here on C'est LA vie, but today I'm in the mood to shift gears, (at least momentarily;) so how about a little beauty chat? ...It's late February which means time to emerge from that cosy, low-maintenance winter cocoon and get get ready to bare it all (?) for spring. Unfortunately, this is not the time of year when one typically feels one's prettiest, is it? Looking at - for example - myself right now, here's (sadly) what I see: Skin - winter pale and dehydrated. Hair - dull and static. Nails - brittle. Oh I could go on and on, but I think I'll spare you... Anyways, perhaps it sounds familiar? Well, fortunately for us there's help:

Johanna Enhus
[Image Credit]

My friend Johanna - the woman behind Swedish skincare brand Enhus Organic, now also writes a blog that is linked to her company website. In some posts she discusses how to get optimum results from your skincare products, in others she shares useful tricks of the trade and professional beauty secrets, including some great, penny saving DIY tips for administering your own treatments at home. Rough hands? Try giving them a softening rub with used coffee grounds Johanna suggests, rinse and pat dry, then follow by "marinating" hands for 15 min in olive oil (put 1 tbsp of oil in two separate plastic bags, insert hands and secure with a rubber band. Rinse hands with tepid water, pat dry and finish with a moisturizer of your choice, paying extra attention to the cuticles.)
Hair in need of some tlc? Make your own intensive treatment by applying coconut oil to (dry) hair 30 min before shampooing (cover oil soaked hair with a plastic bag or cling film to seal in heat, then wrap a towel on top), not only does it smell yummy Johanna says, this nutritious oil will stimulate your hair follicles, leaving locks super shiny and soft. Note: You may have to lather up more than once to remove all residue. For a more detailed account of these and other wonderful beauty tips, check out *

* The Enhus Organic website is available in English and Swedish, but Johannas blog is written in Swedish. You can easily convert it to English by using Google Translator - though not pitch perfect, it's certainly sufficient enough.

PS. Read my extended [beauty] interview with Johanna here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, det här gillar jag! Kram

Tricia Rose said...

I love 'elemental' beauty treatments! Why buy something 'with real olive oil' when you can use the real thing? I'll go check out Johanna's site.

I have a little old book of Indian beauty treatment using ghee, gram flour, honey, tumeric and such. I store the ingredients,and I can mix them up whenever the urge stricks without having to shop.

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