Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's Saturday Ladies,
let's treat ourselves to some eye candy.

 Sort of hard to decide who's more photogenic, isn't it?!
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Seeing this recent picture of David Beckham holding his sassy little baby girl felt oddly familiar... At first I couldn't figure out why, but then...

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Remember him? If you were a teenage girl in the early 90s, chances are you do... My best friend Tanja was the subject of much envy simply on account of having the poster on her bedroom wall. I believe I was actually a little in love with that shadowy, sepia-toned Adonis at one point; the "modern" projection of masculine sensitivity clearly striking a chord (!) ... But, like most teenage crushes inevitably do, so this ended in tears when my illusions were shattered (years later) by a TV documentary. Turns out the model was just some broke construction worker from England who - in spite of the international success of "L'Enfant" (the image reportedly sold over 5 million copies) - only ever received a minimal shoot fee. Quite tragic really; the film even included a current interview with the man who at that point looked nothing (and I mean nothing) like the dude in the poster. Oh and that sweet baby? SO not the model's child! ...Though it certainly could have been, for as the documentary's title"L'Enfant, The Model, The Poster and 3,000 Women" suggests - he did have a lot of luck with the ladies...

PS. The Simpsons version :)

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Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Ha, ha...! Kommer ihåg att jag älskade den postern... :o)

Lene Maria said...

Ohhh haha I had that poster framed and all hanging over my bed when I was 13-15. I loved it so much. Hope to see you, Sean and beautiful Noah soon. Just dropped by to see how things were in LA here on the blog. Jonas says hi. xxx

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