Thursday, March 15, 2012

A baby, a Dog and a couple of Ducks


"Slow down, honey!"

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Spring has sprung here in LA and so to enjoy it fully this last weekend, we brought Noah into the wild.

Growing up in the country with a true nature-loving mother meant I spent a lot of time "exploring" the woods as a child... Happy memories, and it's nice to know that in spite of having chosen a life among the manicured lawns and flower-beds-on-steroids in Beverly Hills, I can give my own kid similarly wholesome experiences simply by driving a few minutes into the nearby canyons. The "nature gene" - that clearly skipped a generation - is most definitely blossoming (see what I did there?! ;) in Noah; He loves the outdoors and will inevitably point his little finger, exclaiming "titta!" ["look!"] at the sight of every growing tree, bush or weed he manages to spy from his stroller... With the possible exception of dogs, flowers are currently the most exciting things in his entire one-year-old world. :)

So yes, he (and Moses) had a good ol' time in Franklin Canyon Sunday afternoon, - especially when it transpired that there was a real, live duck couple grazing by the lake! (We didn't tell either of them about the mountain lions, rattle snakes and coyotes that also reside nearby, figuring those little facts would be better saved for a later date...)

Half the week over with already! - Hope it started well and that the sun shines wherever you are... xo


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Christi said...

I was wondering as I read this, 'Where could they be??' It certainly didn't look like Cali...more like Washington. :) Hugs! C

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