Sunday, March 04, 2012

Natural Art

A friend recently linked to this art agency on Facebook. These concepts and images are just magnificent and made me so happy I simply had to share...

"A gallery with no sculptures, only a cloud floating within the space.
 'Nimbus' is a new installation of Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde,
 who refuses to explain how he managed to create a real cloud."

"Japan photographer Tsuneaki Hiramatsu 'catches' japanese fireflies
 with time-lapse photos during the night."

"A Path in the Forest" by Tetsuo Kondo Architects.
"The bridge of the many oddities is set in the woods in the
 Kadriorg Park in Tallinnand set it so that people can admire the
 trees at the level of several meters above the ground.
The 95-metre trail is supported by a steel tube that rests
 against the tree trunks with no additional columns."
[Images and Text via The July 16]

Hope you had a lovely weekend? The weather in L.A. took a crazy turn with temperatures suddenly reaching 30C! We spring cleaned the apartment and went shopping on Saturday, but made up for it by attending (another) one year old's birthday party in a park today.
A happy surprise; the music teacher (that Noah has a major crush on :) from our World Citizen Baby class was there providing entertainment for all the little guests. She brought her flute, guitar, maracas and best of all - her giant bongo drum! Noah was in heaven...

He and his girlfriend later volunteered as bartenders...

Oh and at the end of the day he drove us home...

Suffice to say someone will be sleeping like a baby tonight. :)

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