Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paradise found

In the Palm Desert. Our friend's mom has a vacation home there, and last week we were graciously invited out to stay. To sum it up; one huge beautiful house on a secluded golf course, three couples, three little boys, lots of sun, a cooling pool, spectacular mountain views, starry nights and barbecues and board games and booze... :)  We're already planning a repeat. 
Thanks a million Kevin and Katie!  xo

Brian, Kevin and Sean
Katie and Jen
 Ben 22 months, Conrad 5 1/2 months, Noah 14 months and somebody's 34 year old arm.


Tricia Rose said...

First photo hardly looks real: baby heaven!

Christi Mullet said...

Absolutely lovely! I enjoyed every photo. I've always wanted to visit the Palm Desert...mostly to see that yellow orb in the sky. I hear it's delightful. Did Matt tell you his Great Grandfather's name was Moses? So, if we have a boy and decide to go the familial route for names, that makes 2 names we'd possibly steal from your household. ;)

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