Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bye Bye Beverly Hills, Hello Hancock Park

Bye dining room...

bye Noah's nursery

bye living room

bye bedroom

and bye lovely view of a magnolia tree ...

[Private Images]

We will miss living here; the charm of this old building and its original 1940s features, like the built in bookcases, the retro bathroom tiles and ornate fire place and creaky floorboards... It has been a special home for us in so many ways, particularly because of Noah of course, as every major milestone in his 15 month existence has taken place within these walls and leaving does feel melancholic. Still, all good things must come to a close and lately we've been longing to be further away from the street noise and fumes, also on the wishlist was to have our own washer/dryer, a bigger kitchen, a lift and perhaps a garden... After some months of searching we finally found "it" fifteen minutes or so northeast of here, and we look forward to moving on to a slightly larger, recently renovated and quiet apartment that also comes with a - much anticipated - southwest facing, wraparound patio! (My grand plans for it include planters filled to the brim with wild strawberries, a couple of comfortable wicker armchairs and a small splash pool for Noah :)  ...

Now, you gain some you lose some as the saying goes; The building is decidedly less charming and our new neighbourhood is definitely not as pristine as Beverly Hills (then again, what is? Besides, we used to live in London you know, so I guess we should be able to handle a little grit) ... But there is a cute park with a playground and a great, boutique-y highstreet with gourmet cafes, a famous yoga studio as well as a good wine and cheese shop all within walking distance. Mostly though, we are excited about exploring a new part of town and making it home. (To my [mild] horror I recently realised that in the 13 years since Sean and I met, we have never lived in any one place longer than two years (!) All this moving around was never out of necessity - just plain wanderlust. Also, I have an unusually short attention span... But fear not (dear grandparents), we are aware that children need stability and we do plan on settling down somewhere very soon. Just not quite yet... ;)

The move is this weekend. Wish us luck.



Liz said...

I want to see the new place - now!!!

Christi said...

Very exciting! Good luck with the move. You could make a dumpster look lovely with your design skills, Emelie. Looking forward to new pictures!

Milliscent Morgan said...

I really like this site same as the site I read a while ago and that was a/c Beverly Hills. Both of them are such a nice blogs.

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