Friday, May 18, 2012

Visual recap

I am not going to bore you with explanations or excuses for my recent [blog] absence. Alas, now that I finally sat down to pay my neglected little corner of the web some much needed attention, it is after midnight and I can't seem to form a proper sentence to save my life. Pictures to the rescue! But first, hope you have been swell? Thanks as always for taking the time...

Striking a pose (both of them!) in Hollywood.
(Where else?)

 Countless times a day I find him just like this, pleased as pie - with a book.

Classic, right?

Walking is a risky business; Smiling through (another) fat lip :)

First bath in the "big tub".
It took him three nights to get over the fear. Now he loves it.

Three little pigs at Huckleberry cafe, Santa Monica.

 Mother's Day at the LA Zoo with Grandma Peggy.
There was a rather unfortunate projectile-vomiting-incident in the car, hence the
outfit. (Noah's, not Peggy's!) (Obviously.)

We spent a fun, warm afternoon lunching and seeing all the usual suspects.
There was also a lot of pointing going on...

The real gorillas were in hiding so this guy had to do.
Not that Noah minded, mind.

"Brrrrdtss" are his latest infatuation. He is a proud distinguish-er of
ducks, owls, crows, seagulls, and chickens (and their various noises).

Oh Moses, - still important. Still beautiful.
Still likes to cuddle up in soft things like dirty sheets on their way to the laundry basket.

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Liz said...

Wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, all of it.

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