Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still here

...In case you were wondering whether the move had gotten the better of me.

It all went well, Noah adjusted without trouble and is loving the patio especially. Two weeks in, I feel really happy with the new place - even though there are still boxes in every corner and not a single picture on the walls! ...I am noticing that things take a little longer with kid(s). Then again, it could just be my old age slowing me down; I am 33 now after all.
Tuesday was my birthday and I celebrated it with my main men in Malibu. It was lovely; Sean took the day off and we drove out to a favourite restaurant of mine called Geoffrey's that sits on a cliff top and where they serve mean oysters and perfectly bubbly bubbly. I enjoyed both on Tuesday and finished it all off with some otherworldly cheesecake. (The fact that I then felt slightly sick to my stomach the next day is another story entirely.) After lunch we went to this secluded beach we love - to play in the sand and watch the waves together... I couldn't have wished for more, honestly.

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Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Wow, vad fint kort på er Emelie!! Kollade in Geoffrey´s och det såg ju inte fel ut... :)Vilket ställe! Kram, kram

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