Friday, September 21, 2012

What? We've been busy. (Again)

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I know, it's been over three months. Imagining that one has been missed at all makes returning that much nicer. So first off, if your're one of the sweet people who's been checking in regularly in spite of my absence - keeping the visitor count at a respectable level all summer long, I thank you!

By now, I have a lot of [blog] ground to cover, and more than a few summer-y photos to share. Last time I posted I was 33 years old. I still am and not much has changed where I'm concerned. (Except, I did chop most of my hair off on a whim, only to regret it later (of course)...

But Noah, who was 15 months in June, just turned 19 months and that makes a huge difference in toddler world; He used to waddle, now he runs. He used to say about 30 words, now I've lost count and there is even a full sentence or three in his repertoire ("I love you" being the latest addition :) He used to be a little scared of the waves, now he runs straight into the water. He used to be totally fine playing alone, and though still independent, he now often insists we join in, firmly grabbing our hands, taking us to his toy of choice. He can climb the jungle-gym at the park unaided. He can drink from a grown-up cup (though he's still on his beloved bottle, which he calls "fatte" - a hybrid of Swedish "flaska" and bottle). He can sweep the terrace with a broom. He can "put things back" which comes in handy considering the considerable mess he makes everyday. He can chase Moses around the apartment (squealing with delight all the while) and also pet him nicely. He can say "Noah". He can draw with crayons. He can navigate the Ipad better than both his parents (and he can show his frustration when it's taken away). He gets a joke and loves to laugh out loud. He's an excellent mimic - often to hilarious effect - so now we REALLY have to watch what we say... He can tell if a car is white, blue or red (well, most of the time). He can sing and motion most of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "The Wheels of the Bus" over and over and over and he is quite adamant that others join in the chorus. He lets us know when he needs a fresh diaper by frowning a little, asking "I poo?" He can charm the socks off checkout staff at the grocery store, waiters, strangers in the elevator - beaming up at them from his stroller; He's really into striking up conversation with people in general, pointing out all the stuff he knows or playing an impromptu game of peek-a-boo. Very much the little bookworm, he still likes to read (out loud) by himself for long periods of time, but these days he will also hand us books to read to/with him and he is usually quite specific about his choice. He can tell by sound when someone is playing the guitar, he can dance while clapping his hands and often ask that we put on music, or "siik" as he calls it. He understand Swedish and English equally well, and uses both languages almost evenly.
Best of all, he can run into my open arms with a huge smile on his face and hug me right back and he still likes to give kisses slap on the mouth. :)

...Basically, he's a genius.

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PS. For the sake of posterity, I have several retroactive summer posts in the works... Watch this space.
Oh, and Happy Fall everybody!

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