Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello Pumpkin

We drove out to a farm on Sunday to pick up this year's Jack o Lantern (pictures from that adventure coming up) and last night, the boys (plus dog) went about creating their masterpiece. No, cheating with manufactured tracing shapes here; this is an Olcott original :)

Not so sure about the slimy seeds :)

 Noah is into kissing everything and everybody right now...
The finished Jack o Lantern was no exception. 

"I see you pumpkin"


[Private Images]

Happy Halloween everybody, hope you've had fun! 

Monday, October 29, 2012


The start of another week, and with October 31st around the corner, I imagine a lot of folks are busy choosing this year's Halloween costume. However, here - at the SuperCowboyBaby (SCB) headquarters - it's just business as usual...

[Private Images]

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rules need not apply

Last weekend, we spent some time on the gorgeous grounds of an old Beverly Hills mansion aptly named Greystone...

[Private Images]

This week we're at the beach, happily house sitting for Sean's parents while they're out of town. The change of scenery is very nice, as are the fresh ocean breezes and lovely water views. Few activities lend themselves better to inward reflection than staring at the waves, glass [of wine] in hand; My realisation today was that I really ought to stop announcing intentions of future prolific blogging when I'm so clearly challenged in that all important follow-through area (!) 

...About those promised summer pics? Possibly, probably. :) But for now, have a lovely rest of your week!

Until soon, 

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