Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Country Folk

Before trekking out to "The Pumpkin Festival" at a farm in Moorpark last weekend, I mentioned in passing to Sean how it stated on their website that adults showing up in costume would enter free of charge. Obviously not one to pass on such an opportunity; half an hour later he was in the hallway ready to go and kitted out in cowboy gear. Off we went - tiny Superman, Bobby Ewing and me. Sauntering up to the gate - with slightly more swagger than normal - Sean greeted the friendly woman at the ticket office and prepared to pay the $12.00 fee for my entry. "Welcome sir, that will be $24.00" the woman said, rather unceremoniously. Amused, I said nothing and neither did Sean, feeling at first a little surprised, I think, and then secretly pleased with his own ability to blend that authentically with our temporary surroundings. :)

We had a fantastic time, Noah especially was in seventh heaven as he got to see all his favourite farm animals, as well as a totally hilarious pig race! We also got lost in a corn maze, listened to live bluegrass while stuffing ourselves with tri-tip and corn on the cob, we went on a tractor ride through the most beautiful sunflower field and finally found our perfect pumpkin just as the sun went down... Perhaps Sean and I were a little drunk on all the fresh air and homemade lemonade, but that day we both thought just how great it might be to leave the city behind and go live the good life on a farm.

Yeehaw - here are a whole bunch of photos...

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Thursday, November 01, 2012


A friend posted this picture on facebook with the caption "The Queen of England still rides".

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Awesome, yes? :)
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