Monday, January 28, 2013

Afternoon Delights

Out and about at a park in Hollywood today, taking full advantage of the wintry sunshine... After we went for coffee and then stopped in for a jam session at Noah's local music class where he totally grooved the bongos and shookitallabout, but then quieted down nicely for a [rhythmic] tale about a cricket. Totally the teachers pet this time and even got special praise for good behaviour! (Cut to outrageously proud mama).

Not a bad date if you can get it...

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Greens

Hello again and Happy 2013! - Well, it had been soo long I wasn't quite sure where to start... Then today a miracle of sorts; Wild parrots in a tree on our street! Big ones! A whole flock of 15 or more! I didn't even know we had parrots in L.A!! ...And maybe we don't, maybe this is just some fluke occurrence due to the sudden heatwave (81F, 27C today). Anyway, I got these shots from the balcony just before we sat down for lunch... during which Noah and I were both too excited to eat much.:)

A close up. Love how happy they look, like they are actually smiling.

From a distance so you know I'm not lying...
 (Yes they are there - in the top left corner!)

Just one more :)

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