Friday, July 19, 2013


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There's nothing to add really...Except to wish you a lovely weekend! x

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Palm Springs [take two]

Ah, Palm Springs! For the second year in a row, Sean, Noah and I mooched a weekend there, staying gratis in a nice house with good old friends - aren't we the lucky ones?!  ...This time we were invited along for a couple of deliciously relaxing days with Sean's childhood friend Matt, his wife Christi and their kids Emily and baby Nathan as they came down from Seattle to spend a week in the desert. We played and talked and danced and barbecued, we ate our collective weight in watermelon, engaged in a pretty competitive round of Yahtzee! and jumped on beds. Most of us had too much to drink, some of us sat in the hot tub reminiscing and "discussing" music and politics long into the night, while others went for a giggly swim under the stars... And one of us developed a lasting crush on an older woman (three months on, Noah still asks to see Emily - who is five - almost daily :) ... 
It really was the perfect start to the summer. Thanks again, Mullets! x

Palm Springs, May 2013
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Well, it's been a while...
I've been stressing about the never ending avalanche of photos (I am a "full-time-mom" these days and my kid is cute - what can I say(!)) filling up my tiny corner of the iCloud for months now, thinking that I really ought to blog - and then... !!
Therefore - as much for my own sanity's sake (ok, more) as for that of the mild enjoyment of any straggling reader who may still lurk here from time to time - I've finally decided to back-log some of our more memorable moments from this past winter and spring. Starting tomorrow, the plan is to intersperse these nostalgic retrospectives with current affairs, time - and lets face it - will power permitting...

To (recent) memories! :)

In Grand Central Park, L.A. June 2013
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