Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Look! It's finally here - my favourite season :)

After weeks of excruciatingly hot and drier than dry desert winds plaguing L.A., today the heat finally broke. I felt so invigorated by the cool weather that I got a whole bunch of previously neglected stuff done - piles and piles of laundry folded, that wall shelf I have been meaning to hang for like a year is now up in all its glory, even the fridge got a thorough overhaul!! And this afternoon Noah and I took a long, nice walk with Moses; fugly Halloween decorations notwithstanding, our little corner of the city looked just gorgeous in the crisp, clear air. 
So yes, please bring on the woolly socks and warm jumpers, the mulled wine and hot chocolate and pumpkin flavoured everything, give me bonfires, new leather boots and stormy nights - I am ready for all the cliches...

Hancock Park, October 2013.

[Private Images]

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