Come on in...

I am a bit of a voyeur. I love poring over other peoples homes in magazines, via design blogs, in person... So, I thought I'd return the favour as it were, and give you a peek into mine. My dream is to one day live in a rambling old house - preferably windswept - with creaking floors, a grand staircase, wraparound porch and lots and lots of built in charm. :) ...But for the time being I live in a fairly straight up and down apartment; by this I mean that it is new, with large rectangular (read boring) spaces. It is a perfectly nice and very comfortable apartment, but it doesn't have any of those lovely nooks and crannies or special features I desire. From a design perspective, my challenge here has therefore been to create character and add detail to our rooms.

I love art for adding colour and interest to a space and like using it in a casual way, layering and leaning paintings wherever possible. (My grandfather was a painter, so much of our art is by him.) An invaluable tool for creating a sense of light and depth to small spaces are mirrors, I cannot get enough of the sparkle and light they add...  Pretty lamps are another weakness of mine, and I love draping beautiful fabrics by doorways to add drama and texture.

 I like the idea of a home being the reflection of the people who live there, of their story... Mine is that I grew up in Sweden with my mom who is an artist and decorator, I spent summers on Ibiza visiting my musician dad, and later moved to England for college and beyond. So those are the experiences that helped shape my particular style, resulting in a fusion of several design influences that I (rather clumsily) call "traditional, but with a colonial/French country twist."

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